Sunday, 27 June 2010

Preparations....1 week to go!

Writing this on my final evening at my house in Leamington Spa, before I go back to Harpenden tomorrow to get things ready is really exciting as I feel like I have been building up and looking forward to this coming week all through my exams! This excitement is coupled with me realising that I've come to the end of second year at university and also the fact that this time next week I will be back in Uganda!!!

But despite the busy-ness of the end of term and end of exams, I am still reflecting on how my preparations have gone so far and how it will be to be back in a country that has grown to hold a special place with me! First of all I have been overwhelmed by the generous support from everyone who has contributed to our fundraising for our projects so if you are one of those people then thank you very much! I'm also beginning to realise that two months is a long time to be away but I am definitely up for the challenge! It is also good to think about how much work we can get done in that time and the impact we can make on, not only the Ugandans, but also the English volunteers who are coming out and will be experiencing Africa for the first time.

In terms of other preparations, this week sees the final getting things together and packing up as well as trying to see a few people before we jet off early on saturday morning. So if I see you in the next week I am sure I will be running around getting a few last minute things but if I don't see you feel free to send me emails or get in touch over facebook this summer...I will be sure to keep you guys updated but I would always love to hear what you are doing too :)
But for this space!