Sunday, 11 March 2012

The only 'muzungu' in Butagaya....

Mwasuze Mutya basebo ne banyabo! Or for those of you who are clearly not as fluent in Lusoga (the local language) as I am 'Good Morning Everyone!'
So hopefully that gives you a slight hint into the fact that I really am now settling well into the village and fully embracing my status as the only 'muzungu' or white person around! Our daily tasks like teaching in schools and working with the out of school youth groups are continuing to go well and I am particularly enjoying having sessions with our secondary school kids. With fewer students in a class and a better level of english I feel like I can really draw alongside them and offer them support as well as knowledge; as a mentor and peer rather than a teacher. 
Now that our baseline survey is over for February, our work is getting a lot busier with more events and activities that are intended to reach out to the whole community. Just this week we have had community outreach talks about HIV and condom demonstrations in partnership with the health centre, meetings and sessions with people living with HIV and a gender dialogue with community members about issues such as gender equality and gender based violence. I have really enjoyed these events, which have been on the whole a great success in spreading knowledge but also making Restless Development and our presence in Butagya more known!
The thing that has really struck me over the last week or so is my real love for the community and for people and for working at a local level. Even a simple thing like walking through the village centre and being stopped by and talking with people we know and have met makes me love living and working in a village and it gives me a real sense of community. On Sunday I went into the town to buy some tomatoes and some cassava (a local staple food) and was able to ask for what I wanted and how much it cost in Lusoga - all by myself!!! Much to the surprise and hilarity of the people around! But its the way of trying to fit in and draw alongside people that reminds me just why I came here in the first place!! So Praise the Lord for that!!
My prayer request point this time is for the smooth planning, mobilisation and implementation of a sports event we are holding for the entire community this coming weekend. With limited funds, our aim is to involve as many youth as possible to come and to participate as well as to acquire support from local community elders and political leaders to really promote Restless Development once and for all! Please pray, or think of us, as a team as we put our final plans into action and that it will be a successful day! Once again, thank you SO much to all of you who are praying for me and keeping in touch, whether through email or letters. 
I think that is enough for now so take care my friends and until next time!!!!